Home : Sequential order of events in the Book of Revelation


  • Resurrection of Jesus
  • Relocation of Paradise from the abode of the dead (Sheol/Hades) to Heaven
    Resurrection of many Old Testament Saints (Not yet in a glorified body)
  • Church age
  • Rapture
    • The dead who were saved will rise and together with the currently living believers will be cought up to Heaven
    • Jesus judges the works of the raptured people (Bema seat)
    • Marriage of Jesus and the Church
  • Daniel's 70th Week begins here
    • Two prophets begin their ministry in Jeruzsálemben for 1260 days. They have powers to smite the earth with all plagues
    • 1st SEAL: White horse - False Christ;               Antichrist makes peace with Israel
    • 2nd SEAL: Red horse - War;                             Battle of Gog and Magog against Israel
    • 3rd SEAL: Black horse - Famine;                      God destroys Gog and Magog
    • 4th SEAL: Pale horse - Death;                          Gog and Magog dies. Israel understands that Christ is the Messiah
    • 5th SEAL: The song of the martyrs under the altar of God
    • 6th SEAL: The Great day of the wrath of the Lamb begins
      • 144,000 Jewish person gets sealed to be the servants of God
        The martyrs worship God before His throne
      • 144,000 sealed Jewish person sings to God before His throne
        1st Angel preaches the Gospel to all nations
        2nd Angel says Babylon is fallen
        3rd Angel warns people not to receive the mark of the Beast (666)
    • 7th SEAL: Silence in Heaven. 7 angels prepare to sound the trumpets
    • 1st TRUMPET: Hail and Fire                                                    1/3 of the Trees (Earth) burns up
    • 2nd TRUMPET: A burning mountain is thrown into the sea         1/3 of the Sea becomes blood, 1/3 of the creatures in the sea die
    • 3rd TRUMPET: A Star falls into the rivers                                  1/3 of the Rivers become bitter. Many people die from the water
    • 4th TRUMPET: The Sun, Moon and stars looses 1/3 of their brightness. An Angel says that 3 WOEs will come
    • 5th TRUMPET:
      • 1st WOE: Locusts will torment people for 5 months and they will not even be able to die
        The 144,000 people who are sealed in their foreheads will not be tormented
    • 6th TRUMPET:
      • 2nd WOE begins:
        • 4 Angels, an army of 200 Million horsemen kills 1/3 of the people
          The rest of the living people still will not repent
  • Daniel's 70th Week's Halftime begins here
        • The Beast kills the Two Witnesses who have been prophesying for 1260 days
        • The People are happy for the death of the Two Witnesses and leave their bodies laying on the streets for 3.5 days
        • The Two Witnesses rise up and ascend up to heaven
        • Jerusalem's 1/10 part falls and 7,000 people die
      • 2nd WOE ends
    • 7th TRUMPET:
      • 3rd WOE:
        • The temple of God opens in heaven,
          There can be seen in His temple the ark of His testament;
        • Lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail
    • The Beast rises up from the „Sea”. He gets Satan's power and throne for 42 months
      • The Beast will put an end to sacrifice and offering,
        proclaims himself to be God
      • People whose names are not written in the book of life worship the Beast and Satan
      • The Beast gets a deadly wound and dies and rises up
      • Another Beast (the False Prophet) rises up from the „Earth”, who makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first Beast
      • The False Prophet sets up an image in honor of the Beast and gives breath to it
      • The False Prophet persecutes everybody who does not worship the image of the Beast
      • The False Prophet forces everybody to get the 666 mark
        No one can buy or sell anything unless he has the mark
    • Michael and his angels fight against Satan (the dragon) and wins. Satan gets hurled to the earth, and his angels with him
      • Satan persecutes Israel, who fled to the desert where God protects her for 3.5 years
      • Satan persecutes the rest of the believers
  • Daniel's 70th Week's Halftime ends here
  • Daniel's 70th Week's 2nd half begins here
    • The great winepress of the wrath of God begins (Time of the Great Tribulation)
    • The martyred believers sing Moses' song to God
    • 1st VIAL : Sore upon the men which have the mark of the Beast (666)
    • 2nd VIAL: Sea turns into blood. Every creature in the sea dies
    • 3rd VIAL: Rivers turn into blood
    • 4th VIAL: The Sun scorches people with fire. People still refuse to repent and glorify God
    • 5th VIAL: The Beast's kingdom plunges into darkness. People still refuse to repent and glorify God
    • 6th VIAL: The river Euphrates, and its water was dries up to prepare the way for the kings from the East. (they will come with Satan at the Battle of Armageddon)
    • Three evil spirits come out from the mouths of Satan, the Beast and the False Prophet. They go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the Battle of Armageddon against Jerusalem
    • God warns everybody not to be misled
    • 7th VIAL: The Battle of Armageddon against Jerusalem
      The Sun becomes Black, the Moon becomes Red, the Stars fall to the Earth
      Never before seen Earthquake and Hail
      • Jesus appears on a White horse with the armies of heaven, dressed in fine linen (Raptured Believers)
      • The Beast and the kings of the Earth fight against Jesus and his army
      • The Beast and the False Prophet gets thrown into the Lake of Fire
      • The rest of the people who attacked Jerusalem (all non believers) will be killed
  • Daniel's 70th Week ends here
  • Detailed description of Babylon's fall
  • Joyful singing in Heaven for Babylon was judged
  • Satan gets bounded for 1000 years
  • The believers martyred during the Great Tribulation will rise up
    Separation of the "sheep from the goats”
  • Jesus reigns for 1000 years on the Earth with all the believers who were resurrected by this point
    • The Abrahamic covenant gets fulfilled
    • The Palestinic covenant gets fulfilled
    • The Davidic covenant gets fulfilled
    • The New covenant gets fulfilled
    • The Earth will be repopulated by the believers who survived the Great Tribulation (Jews and Gentiles)
  • Satan will be released from his bondage once more
    • Satan deceives many who were born during the Millennial reign of Jesus and were not believers
    • Satan and his army attack Jerusalem
    • God devoures the attackers by fire
    • Satan gets thrown ino the Lake of Fire
  • Great White Throne judgement
    • The believers who die during the Millenial reign of Jesus and the believers who will be alive at the end of the Millenium will be changed into a glorified body
    • Every non believer will rise up and will be thrown into the Lake of Fire
    • The Hell and Death will be thrown into the Lake of Fire
  • God will create a New Heaven and New Earth
    • People will live at one place with God